Hi, we are Mama Habesha

Are you curious to know how Mama Habesha originated?

Over the past years the group Habesha’s in Europe has grown. In East African kitchens the product Tesmi is used for a lot of dishes. In Europe you can’t buy this in a store. The spices are regularly brought from East Africa. Mothers and grandmothers make the butter and the whole family comes by with Tupperware so they can bring it home and cook with it – that’s where the idea of Mama Habesha was conceived.

The Netherlands is known worldwide for the quality of their dairy. A lot of times Habesha’s that live in the Netherlands have to bring their Tesmi to family and friends in other countries as Dutch Tesmi is known as the best Tesmi there is. Imagine if everyone could order their Tesmi from home? That would make live so much easier!

We deliver a piece of home to people. A little warmth, cosiness, and comfort but also the connection with the culture and family. We spread the love from Mama Habesha. The scents and flavours of home. We also want to give the people who are not familiar with the Habesha culture/dishes a warm welcome of Mama Habesha. After all everyone is a child of Mama Habesha.